Hello all!How have we all been?Well, I myself, have been mighty fine, thanks for asking ;)As promised in my last post, here is a story I whipped up. I hope you enjoy :)..
Hello all!Yes, I do realise that only last week I wrote an introduction post, but do not worry! I'm sure you'll find this post interesting ;)As I (sort of) mentioned in An Introduction of Sorts, I'm more of an artist than a novelist. However, I do like to do a bit of writing on the side (I'm even a part of a writing group and everything!). So I was thinking that I might share with you aspiring artists a bit of my written work.Afterall, writing is just yet another branch of what we like to call 'art'. And we all know that art is a great way to express ourselves. Believe me when I say that somet..
Hello all!After establishing just what this blog is about, I thought  a little introduction would be in order. A little one-on-one, so to speak. Well, more rather a little one-on-many.I'm not very good at talking about myself, or really, simply expressing myself. It takes forever for the right words to come, and more often than not, I would have a word on the tip of my tongue and have to act out some sort of verbal charades to explain to people what word I'm trying to remember! I suppose that's why I'm an artist, and not an author XDAnyway, I'm sure you didn't come here to read about my d..
And Here We Go!
Well, here I am! And here you are! And, if you like, together we shall embark on an endless journey! An endless journey where? you ask? That's quite a good question. Such a great question, that, to be honest, I don't really know the answer to it. I suppose part of the journey will be finding out just what the journey is about! But it all sounds a bit scary, doesn't it? Tackling the unknown. Wondering in the dark. Our sense of purpose floating just out of arm's reach.But hey! We are strong! We make the rules! We choose which direction to go! Just because our path isn't set in st..
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